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Privacy policy


Through this privacy policy, O Curro Bed & Food S.L. wishes to inform the users of its website of the personal data protection policy which it implements.
Treatment of personal data
The addressee of the aforementioned data will be O Curro Bed & Food S.L. Identity is provided in an express manner on the form used for the collection of sent information. Whether through forms or electronic message communication, O Curro Bed & Food S.L. collects and processes personal data with the following objectives: to identify those fields and questions whose response is obligatory on data collection forms; to process and manage the information request, preliminary contract or contract completed by the user through this website, telephone or email; to manage and control services offered through the website; to send information concerning services and products of O Curro Bed & Food S.L. and its affiliates, whose administration may be of interest to the user; the consent of the user: with the confirmation that personal data has been sent, the user agrees expressly to its processing by O Curro Bed & Food S.L. and/or its affiliates to which purpose it requests the service or relationship in order that the latter may request this.

Data collection and quality

The client undertakes to inform beforehand those people for whom it provides personal information of the content of the current protection policy for data of a personal nature, providing them, if necessary, with a hard copy of this. The interested party must state that he or she is of legal age and be eligible for the contracting or treatment of relevant data. O Curro Bed & Food S.L. is exempt from any responsibility for the infringement of this requsite. In compliance with the principle of quality of personal data, expressed in article 4 of the Spanish Constitutional Data Protection Law, the user undertakes to facilitate authentic, exact, complete and up-to-date information, in a manner which responds truthfully to their situation. When data provided by the client proves to be false, incomplete, out of date or inexact, he or she will be responsible for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial prejudice which this may occasion to a third party or O Curro Bed & Food S.L. and those affiliates with whom it maintains a relationship which involves the aforementioned data. O Curro Bed & Food S.L. reserves the right to cease services provided to the client, as well as any agreed contractual relationship, without prejudice against other actions stipulated by law. User rights (access, rectification, cancelation and opposition).
O Curro Bed & Food S.L. informs the user and/or party affected of information, regarding which he or she can exercise his or her rights of access, rectification, cancelation and opposition which is recognised by Spanish Constitutional Data Protection Law, free of charge and in the terms established by current legislation to this effect, addressing the party responsible for the file to whom information was provided. For this purpose he or she may contact in writing the following address: O Curro Bed & Food S.L., Altamira, 18 – 15704, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña.

Parties responsible for files

Those parties responsible for files will undertake to treat information of a personal nature provided by the client with complete confidentiality and respecting technical and organisational measures required by the Spanish Constitutional Data Protection Law and the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21st December, through which the Regulation for Development of Constitutional Law15/1999, of 13th December. In the same manner, and in its capacity as the owner and party responsible for files, O Curro Bed & Food S.L. or its affiliates, in compliance with article 26 of the aforementioned law and in accordance with the directives of the General Register of Personal Data of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, have inscribed in this the aforementioned files corresponding to each of them, and which have the relevant inscription code assigned by the aforementioned body.

Policy updates

The present policy may be modified because of changes in the requirements established by current legislation at any time, and on the basis of legal decisions and jurisprudential changes, as well as changes in the performance and business strategy of O Curro Bed & Food S.L. and its affiliates.
Publication, and its access by users, will take place through this same channel, on the understanding that the relationships established with these prior to the change will be governed by previouslyseen norms at the time when access to the website took place regarding its establishment.